Travancore Plywood Industries Ltd (TPI)

The Travancore Plywood Industries was established during the year 1962 with its head quarters at Punalur. The intention of establishing the company was to produce quality plywood from the wood available from the rich forest of southern Kerala. Now the activities of the company has almost been stopped and the company is now offered for disinvestment. At present, there are 219 number of labourers and 83 supervisory staff. The annual turn over now is about Rs.30 lakhs.


Kerala State Wood Industries Ltd, (KESWIL)

The KESWIL is established in the year 1981 at Nilambur with the intention of using the world famous teak wood of Nilambur for making costly furniture and joiners, wooden sawn sizes and parquet tiles for export purposes. Initially, the industries were under the control of forest department and later it was formed into a limited company. The company has rare infrastructure with the machines imported from foreign countries for making beautiful furniture and other wood products. At present, there are 132 labourers and 7 supervisory staff working in the company. The company was under lockout since 01-06-1993 and has re-opened during May 2002.

Federation of SC/ST Societies

The Federation of SC/ST Societies have been established during the year 1981 by the Government of Kerala in order to coordinate the marketing of minor forest products collected by the SC/ST societies from the forests of Kerala. The Headquarters is located at Thiruvananthapuram. The activities of the federation includes implementation of welfare activities for the SC/ST communities enhancement of employment, marketing of the products collected from the SC/ST societies etc, The Company also runs petrol pumps, honey processing units, a chevakka processing unit, and an Ayurvedic medicine manufacturing unit under the brand name of “Ayurdhana”. The annual turn over of the company is Rs. 10 crores..


Kerala Forest Development Corporation Ltd (KFDC)

Kerala Forest Development Corporation was established in the year 1975 with headquarters at Kottayam in order to promote the production of raw materials for the forest based industries in the State. The total area, i.e., 10,717 ha out of which 807 ha are of tree plantations and 2717 ha of cash crops .

The Corporation has an authorised share capital of Rs. 10 crores. The Corporation also manages Eucalyptus, Albizzia and other industrial plantations for supplying raw materials. At present there are 1044 workers and 47 officers and staff for managing these areas. The annual turn over of the Corporation comes to about Rs.8 crores.


Plantation Corporation Of Kerala (PCK)

The PCK Ltd was established with the intention of developing horticultural crops in the State. The Corporation has at present plantations of species like Rubber, Cashew and other cash crops. The Headquarters of the Corporation is located at Kottayam. The company is having a work force of 3918 workers and 515 supervisory staff. The average annual turn over the company is Rs.19 crores.



Kerala State Bamboo Corporation Ltd (KSBC)

KSBC was established in the year 1971 with the intention of providing bamboo and reeds for the benefit of the SC/ST communities in the state and other people engaged in cottage industries for making mats, baskets etc. The present activities include extraction of reeds from forests, distribution of reeds to traditional bamboo workers, procurement of bamboo mats from them and the production and marketing of bamboo ply boards. The headquarters is located at Angamali. About 203 labourers are now working in the corporation apart from 57 supervisory staff. Annual average turn over is about Rs. 15 crores.



State Farming Corporation of Kerala Ltd. (SFCK)

The SFCK was established during the year 1972 with its Head Quarters at Punalur. The initial objective of the Corporation was to produce sugar for the sugar industries in Kerala. But the scheme failed and the areas under the company was converted into rubber, cashew, and herbal plantations. Now the company has about 1193 labourers and 38 supervisory staff. The annual turn over of the company is about Rs.12 crores.



Forest Industries (Travancore) Ltd (FIT)

FIT is situated at Aluva. The initial authorized capital was Rs 1 crore and the intention of establishing the industry was to exploit and to sell timber and other forest products form Malayattur Forest Division and elsewhere in Travancore. FIT become a Government Company in 1960. The major activities include manufacture of furniture and joiners, interior decoration and paneling, chemical treatment of wood. The company has 132 employees. The company has an average annual production of 20,000 numbers of various types of furniture and joineries and the average annual sales turnover is Rs. 500 lakhs.


The Rehabilitation Plantations Ltd

The Rehabilitation Plantations Ltd., Punalur (RPL) started as a government rubber plantation scheme in 1972 for the settlement of Sri Lankan repatriates which was necessitated by Sirimao-Shastri Agreement of 1964. Later on it was formed into Government Company and incorporrated on 05/05/1976. The authorised share capital of the company is Rs.350.00 lakhs and the paid up capital is Rs.339.27 lakhs. The share capital contribution of Government of India is 40% and remaining 60% was contributed by Government of Kerala.

The Company has settled 700 repatriate families from Sri Lanka. Two Members from each family are provided with employment in the company. At present the company employs to 1300 workers, 185 staff members and 32 officers in the company.

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Oil Palm India

Oil Palm India Ltd

Oil Palm India Ltd with its Headquarters at Kottayam is a joint venture of Government of Kerala and Government of India. The company was established in the year 1977 with a share capital of Rs.12 crores. Government of Kerala owns 51% and Government of India owns 41% of the share capital. The company has got three estates viz Yeroor, Chithara and Kulathupuzha in Kollam district with a total planted area of 3646 ha which was leased out from Punalur Forest Division. Initially, the company was under the Plantation Corporation of Kerala and subsequently the company became independent on 04-08-1983. The annual average production of fresh fruit bunches from the palms comes to about 30,000 MT and the average annual turn over is around Rs. 20 crores. The company has established a modern oil mill at Yeroor to process the fresh fruit bunches harvested from the plantations. It has also taken up the task of developing oil palm in the country and has now established a modern oil palm seed germinating center at Thodupuzha. About 3 lakh seeds are now produced in this seed garden every year. Under the auspicious of the company, the central government are also providing subsidy of Rs.20,900 per hectare for four years as an incentive for the cultivation of oil palm. An oil palm demonstration plot in 200 hectares of Kari land was sanctioned by the government and the cultivation has already been started in about 88 hectares in Kallara village of Kottayam district.


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