Date of Auction/Tender

Divisional Forest Office, MannarkkadRe-e-Tender for Timber Works25.10.2016 at 11.00 AM
Timber Sales Division, PerumbavoorTender for civil works 19.10.2016 at 10.00 AM
Mannarkkad Forest Division  Re-e-Auction of Teak Poles17.10.2016
Divisional Forest Office, Perumbavoore-Auction of Timber03.10.2016. 15.102016, 24.10.2016
Divisional Forest Office, Kannur e-Auction of Teak Poles & Firewood03.10.2016
Divisional Forest Office, ThiruvananthapuramTender for  condemned vehicles28.09.2016 at 3.30 PM 
Divisional Forest Office, Nilambur Northe-Tender for Timber, Billets & Poles28.09.2016 at 11.00 AM
Divisional Forest Office, Nenmarae-Auction sale of Teak Miscellaneous Poles, Firewood

22.09.201 6,,23.09.2016,

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Social Forestry Division, PathanamthittaRe-e-Auction of Vehicle22.09.2016
Wildlife Division, Thiruvananthapurame-Tender for the supply of food materials06.09.2016
Social Forestry Division, WayanadTender notification for the supply of River sand, cow dung,seedlings and polythene bags06.09.2016
Divisional Forest Office, Perumbavoor e-Auction of Timber03.09.2016,08.09.2016, 27.09.2016
Divisional Forest Office, Thrissure-Auction notification of Accacia Butt end03.09.2016 at 1.30 PM 
Divisional Forest Office, Kozhikode e-Tender for Civil Works02.09.2016 at 11.00 AM
Divisional Forest Office, Konnie-Auction of Teak Poles, Teak Timber etc.01.09.2016 at  
Deputy Director Parambikulam Tiger Reservee-Tender for the supply of Camera Traps 31.08.2016
Divisional Forest Office, Kottayam e-Tender for Civil Works 31.08.2016 at 3.30 PM
Divisional Forest Office, Chalakkudye-Tender for civil works29.08.2016 at 11.00 AM
Divisional Forest Office, Kottayam Tender for Civil Works26.08.2016 at 3.30 PM
Divisional Forest Office, Mankulam e-Tender for Civil Works26.08.2016
Flying Squad Division, Palakkad e-Tender of Vehicle25.08.2016
Divisional Forest Office, Mankulam Tender for Civil Works25.08.2016 at 3.30 PM
Kerala Forest Development Corporation LtdTender cum Auction sale of Eucalyptus and Lops&Tops 23.08.2016 at 2.30 PM
Divisional Forest Office, Achenkovil Tender for Civil Works 23.08.2016 at 4.00 PM
Wildlife Division, Shendurney e-Tender for Civil Works23.08.2016 at 3.30 PM
Divisional Forest Office, Punalur Tender notification for civil works23.08.2016 at 3.00 PM
Wildlife Division,         Sulthan BatheryTender for Civil Works18.08.2016 at 3.30 PM
Divisional Forest Office, Munnare-Tender for civil works18.08.2016 at 3.00 PM
O/o Deputy Conservator of Forests, Research South, Thiruvananthapuram Tender for Civil Works17.08.2016 at 3.30 PM
O/o APCCF IHRD,Forest Training Complex,PTP Nager,ThiruvananthapuramTender for Firewood16.08.2016 at 11.00AM
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